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Stopovers are amazing things. They break up an incredibly long journey and give you time to recuperate. You cannot beat that feeling of stepping off a long flight knowing that you can have a short rest and spend 2 days exploring a new city - Dubai. 

For some, the Maldives conjures up images of palm trees, private islands and luxury cabins on stilts, standing just above the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This dream-like holiday destination was high on Jay's list for an awe-inspiring and soothing trip away.

Gran Canaria is a winner for all ages, with its swathes of sandy beach, clear Atlantic waters and resorts to suit all tastes. Its year-round climate makes the search for sun an easy endeavour, but it also has some dramatic scenery as Jay soon discovers.

Singapore is the ultimate destination for foodies, explorers, collectors, action seekers, culture shapers. Plus it's where socialisers meet and new experiences are created every day in the lion City!

Phuket has sat quietly in the shadows of Bangkok’s street food scene for a long time, but with the help of food guides, Vloggers like Jay, and a new wave of determined foodies, it is slowly emerging as a street food destination worth venturing out of the resort to explore.

former British colony, Hong Kong is a place where east and west meet to create a truly unique culture. There’s also a superb array of attractions, from towering skyscrapers and street bazaars to beaches and verdant parklands to go and check out!


The Maldives

gran canaria




Elephant Hills is Thailand’s first Luxury Tented Jungle Camp, combining the camp idea of African national parks with the Thai tropical forest environment. Jay went along to discover the stunningly beautiful Khao Sok national park area for a chance to stay in this bucket list destination. 

hong kong

As well as a busy career in broadcasting, Jay a passion for traveling around the world and continues to film his experiences to share with others via travelogues on his Youtube Channel.


From climbing a Volcano in Bali, to scuba diving in the Maldives, trekking through the rainforest in Costa Rice and climbing the worlds tallest building in Dubai, here's a selection of Jay's Travel Vlogs:


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