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Jay has a love affair for world travel, and a passion to explore!


From climbing an active Volcano in Nicaragua, scuba diving with Sharks in the Maldives through to trecking the rainforest in Costa Rica and climbing the worlds tallest building in Dubai, Jay loves to share his adventures and inspire others! Why not use him to promote your travel brand!

Not only can you see his travel adventures on the Vlogger page and Youtube, you can also read about his work here.

Countries Visited : 27 - 11% Of The World

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Nothing works better than influencer marketing to create brand awareness. In fact a recent study suggests out of 81% of marketers who use an influencer to promote a product, 51% said it outperforms brand-created content. 

Jay was recently spotted by the most popular travel channel on Facebook which shared his travel Vlog on Dubai with it's 9 Million world users and 575k Instagram followers.

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Youtube has a 100 million unique visits from travel seekers each month, so there is potential Jay can inspire others as well as raise awareness of your brand by collaborating on a new project.

Tourism  marketing  and  storytelling

Travel is an emotional decision as well as one based on research and that’s another reason why a Vlog on your hotel, attraction or travel destination can be so powerful.

We’re hard-wired to understand the world through stories, that’s why TV travel shows remain a popular choice today and with the average traveller spending 40 minutes on Youtube travel-related content a week, it’s the perfect place to showcase your brand.

The stats also suggest 85% of leisure travellers pick their holiday activities based on reviews and previous travel videos, meaning a well delivered destination guide or travel diary is key to someone booking a holiday or experience.

2020 travel goal

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Jay is always open to new ideas, collaborations and travel suggestions. If you have a project you want to discuss then drop him a message! Fill out the form below and he'll get back to you ASAP.

As someone who has lived and grown up in Wales all my life, I’d like to showcase more of our amazing country!

From our culture, creativity & adventure, I want to embrace the opportunity tourism provides, not only to the whole of the Welsh economy – but also to enhance the wellbeing of our guests and host communities alike!

Tourism connects our country with people from across the world and  makes a positive contribution to all aspects of Welsh life including cultural regeneration, environmental appreciation, health benefits, and fun.

So if you are a Welsh business in the tourism sector, I would very much like to work with you!

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